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Last update : 24 July 2024.

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Presentation of our World cities database of 4 510 988 towns around the world, accessible in four distinct formats: CSV, Json, SQL and XML. We have refined the Geoname database to show only metropolises, administrative centres and villages. All this data is carefully linked to geographical areas and sub-divisions, where available.

Each document provides information such as: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. For clarification on these elements, please consult our FAQ section below.

The World cities database contains data for every city in the world in separate files. Each archive contains data for a specific country. Here is an example of what can be found in a file:

1139546Jangal-e MukhnōyJangal-e Mukhnoy,Jangal-e Mukhnuy,Jangal-e Mukhnōy,Jangal-e Mukhnūy,jngl mkhnwy,جنگل مخنویAFTakharWarsaj36.1868570.136910Asia/Kabulpopulated place
7582712ĀhangarānAhangaran,ahngran,Āhangarān,آهنگرانAFKabulSurobi34.5836769.733110Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1423395Bāqī KhēlBakikheyl’,Bakikheyl’,Baqi Khel,Baqikheyl,Bāqī Khēl,Bāqīkheyl,baqy khyl,باقی خيل,باقی خېلAFParwanJabal us Sarāj35.1279169.267080Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1138123Karīm KhēlKarim Khel,Karim Kheyl,Karimkhel,Karimkheyl’,Karimkheyl’,Karīm Kheyl,Karīm Khēl,Kaṟīmkhēl,krym khyl,كريم خيل,کریم خېلAFKapisaḨişah-ye Awal-e Kōhistān35.1069869.362880Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1121453WunchalātOwnchalat,Ownchalāt,Wuncalat,Wuncalāt,Wunchalat,Wunchalāt,awnchlat,wnchlat,اونچلات,ونچلاتAFFaryabMaīmanah35.8986364.825080Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1462103YārdādYardad,Yārdād,yardad,یاردادAFGhazniNāwur34.0459767.338780Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1143316DilakchīDelakchi,Delakchī,Delakci,Delakči,Dilakchi,Dilakchī,dlk chy,dlkchy,Дилакчи,دلكچی,دلک چیAFGhazniJāghūrī33.0354667.626920Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1149523Āb-e KhānahAb-e Khanah,Abi Khana,Abi Khaneh,Abi Khāna,Abī Khāneh,ab khanh,Āb-e Khānah,آب خانهAFBalkhChahār Kent36.4341467.144050Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1457224BōjīBodzhi,Boji,Buji,Bōji,Bōjī,Būjī,bwjy,بوجیAFMaidan Wardak ProvinceNirkh34.3250368.704570Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1132641MūrichāqMar-o-Chak,Maricaq,Maruchak,Marūchāk,Muricaq,Murichaq,Mār-o-Chāk,Māricāq,Mūrichāq,Mūrīchāq,Mūṟicāq,mwrchaq,mwrychaq,موريچاق,مورچاقAFBadghisMurghāb35.810463.142650Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1120922Zard JōyZard Joy,Zard Jōy,Zarddzhoy,Zardjoy,Zardjuy,Zardjūy,Zaṟḏjōy,zrd jwy,زرد جویAFMaidan Wardak ProvinceMarkazi Bihsud34.1743267.881570Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1435689WārêhVara,Wareh,Waṟeh,Wārêh,warh,وارهAFGhazniGēlān32.8444867.589040Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1142510IraghlīEraghli,Eraghlī,Iraghli,Iraghlī,arghly,ارغلیAFJowzjanShibirghān36.7496765.868410Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1121973ŪlastānOwlastan,Owlastān,Ulastan,awlstan,Ūlastān,اولستانAFFarahPur Chaman33.3505963.378630Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1132075Nāw-e TangNaw-e Tang,Nawe Tang,Now-e Tang,Nāw-e Tang,naw tng,nw tng,ناو تنگ,نو تنگAFGhowrChahār Şadah35.1925965.134040Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1467949Khwāb SārīKhvab Sari,Khvāb Sāṟi,Khwab Sari,Khwāb Sārī,Khwāb Sāṟi,khwab sary,خواب ساریAFBadakhshanArgō37.0103870.314450Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1146930BārīkīBarik,Barik-e,Bariki,Bārīk-e,Bārīkī,Bāṟik,Bāṟiki,baryky,باریکیAFGhowrLa‘l wa Sar Jangal34.4322966.050370Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1468912Ḏāg KêlayDag Kalay,Dag Kelay,Dagkalay,Dāg Kalay,Dāg Kêlay,قريۀ داگ,ډاگ کلی,Ḏāg KêlayAFNangarharKāmah34.4290270.551270Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1462156Bālānah TakhakBalana Takhak,Balanah Takhak,Balanatakhak,Balaneh Takhak,Bālāna Takhak,Bālānah Takhak,Bālāneh Takhak,balanh tkhk,بالانه تخکAFBamyanWaras̄34.2188567.021830Asia/Kabulpopulated place
1138580Kalān QōlKalan Qol,Kalanqol,Kalanqowl,Kalān Qōl,Kalānqowl,Kalānqōl,klan qwl,کلان قولAFDaykundiMīr Āmōr33.8880666.813440Asia/Kabulpopulated place

To give you an idea of the content, here is a sample of the information included in the global file. You can retrieve a representative extract for a particular nation, in formats such as CSV, XML, JSON and SQL :


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FaQ about World cities database

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  • Geoname_ID: This is a unique identifier for each place or geographical name in the Geoname database.
  • City: The name of the place, which can be a town, village or any other form of human settlement.
  • Alternate_Name: Other names or appellations that the place may have. These alternative names may be in different languages, dialects or even local names.
  • Country_Code: This is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country in which the place is located. For example, "US" for the United States, "FR" for France.
  • Region: This represents the first-order administrative division in which the location is situated. For example, this could be a state, province or territory.
  • Sub_region: This is a second-order administrative division, such as a county or district, within the region.
  • Latitude: The geographical latitude of the location, usually in decimal degrees.
  • Longitude: The geographical longitude of the location, also usually in decimal degrees.
  • Elevation: The elevation or altitude of the location in relation to sea level, usually measured in metres.
  • Population: The estimated number of inhabitants or population of the location.
  • Timezone: The time zone in which the location is located, in accordance with global time zone standards.
  • Fcode_Name: This is a code that categorises the type of location. For example, "PPL" could mean a populated place, while "PPLC" could be the capital of a political entity.
You will retrieve a .rar archive containing the country files in csv, sql, xml and json formats.
Yes, you'll be able to download the content you've purchased whenever you want, with no time limit.
Make sure your Internet connection is stable, as some files can be quite large and take a long time to download.
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