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San Marino

Last update : 26 May 2024.

San Marino
San Marino
Number of cities

This is the best list of 24 cities in the San Marino available in 4 formats ( CSV, Json, SQL, XML ). We have cleaned up the Geoname database to leave only the towns, capitals and villages. All are all associated with regions and sub-regions (where available).

Each file contains the following data: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. See the FAQ below for a detailed explanation.

Here is an example of the data from the San Marino file that you are going to retrieve. The data is displayed here in the form of a table:

8199069Santa MustiolaSMSan Marino43.9338812.438580Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3177260FalcianoFal’chano,Falcianas,Falciano,Falčianas,falkyanw,Фальчано,فالکیانوSMSerravalle43.9833312.51481000Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
11205481PiandivelloSMDomagnano43.9500312.486690Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199067CailungoSM43.9518612.45360Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199070CerbaiolaSMMontegiardino43.9034612.476830Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199072CasoleSMSan Marino43.9169712.444420Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
6941147FiorinaSMSerravalle43.9579812.476860Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
7302185GualdiccioloSMAcquaviva43.9498212.407260Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3177564DoganaDogana,Ntonkana,do kana,dwgana,Ντογκάνα,Догана,دوگانا,โดกานาSMSerravalle43.9803412.490510Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199073Cà RigoSMBorgo Maggiore43.9427812.445480Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
11205482LesignanoSM43.9617512.48420Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3166645SerravalleOlnanum,Seravale,Seravalė,Seravałe,Serravalle,sai la wa lai,selaballe,seravuarre,srwalh,syrafally,Серавале,Серравалле,סראוואלה,سرواله,سيرافاللي,セラヴァッレ,塞拉瓦莱,세라발레SMSerravalle43.9689712.481679258Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
8199066VentosoSM43.9546412.440470Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3177542DomagnanoDomagnano,MontelupoSMDomagnano43.9496112.468283161Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3172906Monte GiardinoMondesciardine,Mondesciardìne,Mons Viridarium,Montedzardinas,Montedzhardino,Montedžardinas,Montegiardino,Montehdzhardyna,Montejardin,Montejardino,Monteđardino,meng tai ji a di nuo,montejaleudino,montejarudino,mwntg’ʼrdynw,mwnth‌jyardynw,mwntےjardynw,Монтеджардино,Монтеджардіно,Монтеђардино,Монтэджардына,Մոնտեջարդինո,מונטג’ארדינו,مونته‌جیاردینو,مونتےجاردینو,モンテジャルディーノ,蒙泰吉阿迪诺,몬테자르디노SMMontegiardino43.9087812.48201910Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
8199068TorracciaTorraccia,Torrachija,Торрачия,ТоррачіяSM43.9524212.50725250150Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3183500AcquavivaAcquavivaSMAcquaviva43.9459312.41851530Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
7302190MurataSMSan Marino43.9201512.451460Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3181793Borgo MaggioreBorga-Madzhoreh,Borgo Madzore,Borgo Madžorė,Borgo Maggiore,Borgo Majore,Borgo Mađore,Borgo-Madzhore,Burgus Maior,Mercatale,Merkatale,bo er ge·ma ji ou lei,boleugomajole,borugo・majjore,bwrgw majywrh,bwrgw mg’wrh,Борга-Маджорэ,Борго Мађоре,Борго-Маджоре,Меркатале,בורגו מג’ורה,بورگو ماجیوره,ボルゴ・マッジョーレ,博尔戈·马吉欧雷,보르고마조레SMBorgo Maggiore43.9419312.447386424Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3176966FiorentinoF’jorehntyna,F’orentino,Fiorendine,Fiorendìne,Fiorentin,Fiorentinas,Fiorentino,Fjorentino,Florentinum,fei ao lun di nuo,fiorentino,fywrntynw,piolentino,pywrntynw,Фйорентіно,Фьорентино,Фјорентино,Ф’ёрэнтына,Ֆիորենտինո,פיורנטינו,فیورنتینو,フィオレンティーノ,菲奥伦蒂诺,피오렌티노SMFiorentino43.9100112.457382510Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3170472Poggio di ChiesanuovaChiesanuova,Ciesanova,Ecclesia Nova,K’ezanuova,Kiezanuova,Kjezanuova,Podzhio K’ezanuova,Poggio Chiesanuova,Poggio di Chiesanuova,Puggiu Cresianova,Puggiu Crèsianova,ji ai sa nu ou wa,kiesanuoba,kiezanuovua,kyyzanwwa,kyzanwwa,qyyzʼnwʼwbh,К’єзануова,Кьезануова,Кјезануова,К’езануова,Поджіо К’єзануова,Կիեզանուովա,קייזאנואובה,کیئزانووا,کیزانووا,キエザヌオーヴァ,基埃萨努欧瓦,키에사누오바SMChiesanuova43.9045112.42142951Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3168070San MarinoAgios Marinos,Altepetl San Marino,Cathair San Mairine,Cathair San Mairíne,Ceety o San Marino,Cidade de San Marino,Cita e San Marino,Citad da San Marino,Citta di San Marino,Città di San Marino,City of San Marino,Cità e San Marino,Ciuda de San Marino,Ciudad de San Marino,Ciudá de San Marino,Ciutat de San Marino,Civitas Sancti Marini,Dinas San Marino,Ilu San Marino,Ker San Marino,Kêr San Marino,Orasul San Marino,Orașul San Marino,SAI,Saint-Marin,San Marinas,San Marino,San Marino Citta,San Marino Città,San Marino by,San Marino i San Marino,San Marino sehri,San Marino şehri,San Marins,San Maríno,San Marínó,San-Marino,San-Maryna,Sanmarino,Sanmarīno,Sant Marin,Sao Marino,Sen Maren,Sita de San Marin,Sita ed San Marin,Sità de San Marin,Sità ëd San Marin,Stadt San Marino,São Marino,Thanh pho San Marino,Thành phố San Marino,Ville de Saint-Marin,ceyint marino nakaram,san ma ri no,san marynw almdynt,san-marino,sanmalino,sanmarino,sanmarino shi,sheng ma li nuo,sheng ma lian nu cheng,sn marynw,sn mrynw,Ìlú San Màrínò,Άγιος Μαρίνος,Сан Марино,Сан-Марино,Сан-Марына,Սան Մարինո,סן מרינו,سان مارينو المدينة,سان مارینو شہر,سان مارینۆ,سان مرینو شہر,سن مارینو,செயின்ட் மரினோ நகரம்,ซานมารีโน,སན་མ་རི་ནོ།,სან-მარინო,ሳን ማሪኖ,サンマリノ,サンマリノ市,聖馬力諾,聖馬連奴城,산마리노SMSan Marino43.9366712.446394500Europe/San_Marinocapital of a political entity
3177299FaetanoFaehtana,Faehtano,Faetan,Faetanas,Faetano,Faetanum,fa er qi ya nuo,faetano,faytanw,fyٹanw,pa-etano,pʼtʼnw,Фаетано,Фаэтана,Фаэтано,Ֆաետանո,פאטאנו,فائتانو,فیٹانو,ファエターノ,法尔齐亚诺,파에타노SMFaetano43.9283112.497981177Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
8199071ValdragoneSM43.9402112.456220Europe/San_Marinopopulated place

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