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Isle of Man

Last update : 24 April 2024.

Isle of Man
Number of cities

This is the best list of 43 cities in the Isle of Man available in 4 formats ( CSV, Json, SQL, XML ). We have cleaned up the Geoname database to leave only the towns, capitals and villages. All are all associated with regions and sub-regions (where available).

Each file contains the following data: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. See the FAQ below for a detailed explanation.

Here is an example of the data from the Isle of Man file that you are going to retrieve. The data is displayed here in the form of a table:

3042199PatrickSaint PatrickIMPatrick54.20447-4.694170Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042217LaxeyLaksaa,Laksi,ЛаксиIMLaxey54.23017-4.399851768Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042201OnchanConchan,Kione Droghad,Onkan,Onkanas,ОнканIMOnchan54.17329-4.453240Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042186Saint JohnsBalley Keeill Eoin,Saint JohnsIMGerman54.2-4.633330Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042170Union MillsMullin Doway,Mwyllin Doo AahIMBraddan54.16957-4.520190Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042193Port SoderickPurt SoderickIMBraddan54.12865-4.541130Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042238Dog MillsIMLezayre54.35-4.383330Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
11550883Little LondonIMMichael54.24406-4.579840Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042255CastletownBaile Chaistil,Balley Chashtal,Castletoun,Kasltaun,Kasltaunas,КаслтаунIMCastletown54.07445-4.653653100Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042271AndreasAndreasIMAndreas54.36667-4.433330Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042221Kirk BraddanKirk Braddan,Kirk Braddon,Saint BraddonIMBraddan54.16667-4.516670Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042196Port ErinPort-Ehrin,Порт-ЭринIMPort Erin54.08487-4.750993530Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042259BrideIMBride54.38256-4.389210Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042251ColbyIMArbory54.09665-4.70592289Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042195Port Saint MaryIMPort St Mary54.07405-4.73858100Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042198PeelPil,Purt na hInse,Purt ny h-Inshey,Purt ny hInshey,Pylas,ПилIMPeel54.22209-4.690995374Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042210MaugholdSaint MaugholdIMMaughold54.29877-4.318440Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
11550888Ballacarnane BegIMMichael54.26227-4.615120Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042189RonaldswayIMMalew54.08333-4.616670Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
11550884Shoughlaige-e-CaineIMMichael54.25309-4.586620Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042231FoxdaleForsdal,FoxdaleIMMalew54.16667-4.616670Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
8468983BallaughIMBallaugh54.31193-4.544560Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042182SantonSaint Anne,SantonIMSanton54.11667-4.583330Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042237DouglasDaglas,Daglasa,Daglasas,Daglaso,Doolish,Douglas,Douglas pa Isle of Man,Douglas på Isle of Man,Douglas Isle of Man,Dubh Lios,Duglas,Duqlas,Ntanklas,Port Douglas,dagalasa,daglasa,dagurasu,daklas,dao ge la si,deogeulleoseu,duglasi,dwghlas,dwglas,taklacu,Ντάγκλας,Даглас,Дуглас,Дъглас,דאגלס,دوغلاس,دوگلاس,ڈگلس,डग्लस,ਡਗਲਸ,டக்லசு,ดักลาส,დუგლასი,ダグラス,道格拉斯,더글러스IMDouglas54.15-4.4833326218Europe/Isle_of_Mancapital of a political entity
11591723Cronk-y-VoddyIMGerman54.24093-4.608940Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
11550885OrrisdaleIMMichael54.30481-4.57520Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
11550882BarregarrowBayr GarrooIMMichael54.26252-4.582720Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
8504401BallacannellIMLonan54.2173-4.404960Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042174SulbyIMLezayre54.32283-4.479680Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042246CregneishCregneash,Cregneish,CreneashIMRushen54.06961-4.768410Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042267BallabegBallabegIMArbory54.1-4.683330Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042265BallakinnagIMBallaugh54.33333-4.550Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042241DerbyhavenCamys y ReeIMMalew54.07646-4.623530Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042185Saint MarksSaint Mark,Saint MarksIMMalew54.13333-4.60Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042224JurbyIMJurby54.35941-4.521990Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042244DalbyDelbeeIMPatrick54.16879-4.729230Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042245CrosbyCrosbyIMMarown54.18333-4.566670Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042247CranstalCranstallIMBride54.3956-4.369470Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place
3042213LezayreLezayreIMLezayre54.31667-4.416670Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042192RamseyRamsi,Ramsis,Rhumsaa,РамсиIMRamsey54.32273-4.385267845Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042220KirkmichaelIMMichael54.28562-4.587480Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042264BallasallaIMMalew54.0959-4.629620Europe/Isle_of_Manseat of a first-order administrative division
3042229Glen MayeGlen Maye,Glion Meay,Glion MuighIMPatrick54.18333-4.70Europe/Isle_of_Manpopulated place

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  • Elevation: The elevation or altitude of the location in relation to sea level, usually measured in metres.
  • Population: The estimated number of inhabitants or population of the location.
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