Egypt cities list with latitude and longitude in CSV format


Last update : 26 May 2024.

Number of cities

This is the best list of 11518 cities in the Egypt available in 4 formats ( CSV, Json, SQL, XML ). We have cleaned up the Geoname database to leave only the towns, capitals and villages. All are all associated with regions and sub-regions (where available).

Each file contains the following data: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. See the FAQ below for a detailed explanation.

Here is an example of the data from the Egypt file that you are going to retrieve. The data is displayed here in the form of a table:

433793Munsha’at MuşbiḩMunsha’at Musbih,Munsha’at Muşbiḩ,mnshat msbh,منشأة مصبحEGDakahlia30.9961531.663680Africa/Cairopopulated place
420484‘Izbat Jabr`Izbat Jabr,عزبة جبر,‘Izbat JabrEGSharqia30.5278331.46020Africa/Cairopopulated place
409209Minshāt al ‘IyārīMinshat al `Iyari,Minshat el-`Iyari,Minshât el-‘Iyâri,Minshāt al ‘IyārīEGGharbia30.932830.916330Africa/Cairopopulated place
7779522‘Izbat al Usţá`Izbat al Usta,عزبة الأسطى,‘Izbat al UsţáEGSharqia30.7807631.52940Africa/Cairopopulated place
351572Nag‘ GhazâliEGSohag26.6531.516670Africa/Cairopopulated place
416098‘Izbat ‘Uthmān al Mārīyah`Izbat `Uthman al Mariyah,`Izbat `Uthman al-Mariyyah,عزبة عثمان المارية,‘Izbat ‘Uthmān al Mārīyah,‘Izbat ‘Uthmān al-MāriyyahEGKafr el-Sheikh31.1032830.98630Africa/Cairopopulated place
12092705‘Izbat al Aqbāţ`Izbat al Aqbat,عزبة الأقباط,‘Izbat al Aqbāţ,‘Izbat al AqbāṭEGRed Sea26.9083231.513980Africa/Cairopopulated place
416177‘Izbat Şalāḩ Shukrī`Izbat Salah Shukri,عزبة صلاح شكري,‘Izbat Şalāḩ Shukrī,‘Izbat Ṣalāḥ ShukrīEGKafr el-Sheikh31.1134830.826690Africa/Cairopopulated place
359891As Sāḩil BaḩrīAs Sahil Bahri,As Sāḩil Baḩrī,As-Sahil Bahari,As-Sāḥil Baḥarī,El Sahil Bahari,El Sâhil Bahari,Es Sahil Bahari,Es Sāhil Bahari,alsahl bhry,alsahl bhry‎,الساحل بحري,الساحل بحري‎EGSohag26.2671931.986810Africa/Cairopopulated place
414894‘Izbat Ḩawḑ ‘Asharah`Izbat Hawd Nimrah 10,`Izbat Hawd Ten,`Izbat Hawd `Asharah,عزبة حوض ۱۰,‘Izbat Hawḍ Ten,‘Izbat Ḩawḑ Nimrah 10,‘Izbat Ḩawḑ ‘AsharahEGAlexandria31.2427130.048630Africa/Cairopopulated place
354866Kafr ‘Abd al Mu’minKafr `Abd al Mu’min,Kafr `Abd al-Mu’min,Kafr `Abd el-Mu’min,Kafr ‘Abd al Mu’min,Kafr ‘Abd al-Mu’min,Kafr ‘Abd el-Mu’min,kfr ʿbd almwmn,كفر عبد المؤمنEGDakahlia31.0817631.51070Africa/Cairopopulated place
434245Qaryat at Ta‘mīr as SiyāḩīyahEGFaiyum29.4155330.46950Africa/Cairopopulated place
415141‘Izbat Binsūn`Izbat Binsun,عزبة بنسون,‘Izbat BinsūnEGBeheira31.1888830.405450Africa/Cairopopulated place
357280‘Ezbet Ismâ‘îl Nauwâr`Ezbet Isma`il Nauwar,`Ezbet Khairi Nauwar,‘Ezbet Ismâ‘îl Nauwâr,‘Ezbet Khaîri NauwârEGBeheira30.9594430.3850Africa/Cairopopulated place
421424‘Izbat Kāmil al ‘Ajūz`Izbat Kamil al `Ajuz,عزبة كامل العجوز,‘Izbat Kāmil al ‘AjūzEGDakahlia31.2957631.596440Africa/Cairopopulated place
421209‘Izbat al Hidādah`Izbat al Haddadah,`Izbat al Hidadah,عزبة الحدادة,‘Izbat al Hidādah,‘Izbat al ḨaddādahEGDakahlia31.0477431.762810Africa/Cairopopulated place
360801‘Izbat al MalakīyīnEl-Malakiyin el-Bahariya,El-Malakîyîn el-Baḥarîya,`Izbat al Malakiyin,عزبة الملكيين,‘Izbat al MalakīyīnEGSharqia30.8279931.913960Africa/Cairopopulated place
420592‘Izbat Hilāl`Izbat Hilal,عزبة هلال,‘Izbat HilālEGDakahlia30.6926731.283140Africa/Cairopopulated place
357372‘Izbat aţ Ţarfāyah`Ezbet el-Tarfaya,`Izbat at Tarfayah,عزبة الطرفايه,‘Ezbet el-Tarfaya,‘Izbat aţ ŢarfāyahEGNew Valley24.5177730.614190Africa/Cairopopulated place
360770Al ManshīyahAl Manshiyah,Al Manshīyah,El Manshiya,El ManshîyaEGAsyut27.2666731.133330Africa/Cairopopulated place
420764Kafr ash ShabrāwīKafr ash Shabrawi,Kafr ash Shabrāwī,Kafr ash-Shabrawi,Kafr ash-Shabrāwī,kfr alshbrawy,كفر الشبراويEGDakahlia30.9166531.290840Africa/Cairopopulated place
357453‘Izbat al Mal‘ab`Ezbet el-Mal`ab,`Izbat al Mal`ab,عزبة الملعب,‘Ezbet el-Mal‘ab,‘Izbat al Mal‘abEGDakahlia31.3030931.455560Africa/Cairopopulated place
11545773‘Izbat Ḩusayn al Āmīr`Izbat Husayn al Amir,`Izbat Husayn al-Amir,عزبة حسين الأمير,‘Izbat Ḥusayn al-Amīr,‘Izbat Ḩusayn al ĀmīrEGSharqia30.5466531.953860Africa/Cairopopulated place
419141Al ‘Izbah al QiblīyahAl `Izbah al Qibliyah,Al ‘Izbah al Qiblīyah,Al-`Izbah al-Qibliyyah,Al-‘Izbah al-Qibliyyah,alʿzbt alqblyt,العزبة القبليةEGGharbia31.0790231.152190Africa/Cairopopulated place
7779511‘Izbat al Bāshā`Izbat al Basha,عزبة الباشا,‘Izbat al BāshāEGSharqia30.8055131.610230Africa/Cairopopulated place
416123‘Izbat Mazār`Izbat Mazar,عزبة مزار,‘Izbat MazārEGKafr el-Sheikh31.0380430.933620Africa/Cairopopulated place
362980AbistūAbistu,Abistū,abstw,أبستوEGDakahlia31.075631.239330Africa/Cairopopulated place
420718‘Izbat ‘Alī ash Shawkī`Iz. `Ali ash-Shuki,`Izbat `Ali ash Shawki,`Izbat `Ali ash Shuki,ʿzbt ʿly alshwky,عزبة علي الشوكي,‘Iz. ‘Ali ash-Shūkī,‘Izbat ‘Alī ash Shawkī,‘Izbat ‘Alī ash ShūkīEGDakahlia30.8454831.272130Africa/Cairopopulated place
420616‘Izbat al Aţţārīn`Izbat al Attarin,`Izbat al `Attarin,`Izbat al-Attarin,عزبة العطارين,‘Izbat al Aţţārīn,‘Izbat al ‘Aţţārīn,‘Izbat al-AṭṭārīnEGSharqia30.7356931.483450Africa/Cairopopulated place
354872Kafr ‘Abd al JalīlKafr `Abd al Jalil,Kafr `Abd el Gilil,Kafr ‘Abd al Jalīl,Kafr ‘Abd el GilîlEGGiza29.431.233330Africa/Cairopopulated place
347668Ţafnīs al Maţā‘inahTafnis al Mata`inah,Tafnis al-Mata`nah,Tafnis el Mata`na,Tafnīs al-Maṭā‘nah,Ţafnīs al Maţā‘inah,طفنيس المطاعنة,Ṭafnis el Matâ‘naEGQena25.43132.525190Africa/Cairopopulated place
419714‘Izbat al Işlāḩ`Iz. al- Islah,`Izbat al Islah,ʿzbt alaslah,عزبة الإصلاح,‘Iz. al- Iṣlāḥ,‘Izbat al IşlāḩEGDakahlia31.0246831.694040Africa/Cairopopulated place
421606Qaryat ‘Abd al Majīd MūsáEGBeheira30.6074730.726820Africa/Cairopopulated place
361041‘Izbat al JabalāwAl Jabalaw,Al Jabalāw,El Gabalau,El Gabalaw,El Gabalâw,El Gabalāu,`Izbat al Jabalaw,عزبة الجبلاو,‘Izbat al JabalāwEGQena26.1338532.776180Africa/Cairopopulated place
8560857‘Izbat Bahjat`Izbat Bahjat,ʿzbt bhjt,عزبة بهجت,‘Izbat BahjatEGGharbia30.8867831.162320Africa/Cairopopulated place
352198Mīt as SūdānMit as Sudan,Mit as-Sudan,Mit el-Sudan,Mit el-Sûdân,Mīt as Sūdān,Mīt as-Sūdān,myt alswdan,ميت السودانEGDakahlia31.0935531.636770Africa/Cairopopulated place
421389‘Izbat al Bartūn`Izbat al Bartun,عزبة البرتون,‘Izbat al BartūnEGDakahlia31.3003831.592420Africa/Cairopopulated place
12144837‘Izbat ‘Alī al Minyāwī`Izbat `Ali al Minyawi,عزبة علي المنياوي,‘Izbat ‘Alī al MinyāwīEGAlexandria30.9582629.884360Africa/Cairopopulated place
360684Al MinyāAl Minya,Al Minyā,El-MinyaEGCairo29.7444631.299170Africa/Cairopopulated place
358831‘Izbat Biljāy al KubráBigal,Bigâl,Bilgai,Bilgâi,Biljay,Biljāy,`Iz. Biljay al-Kubra’,`Izbat Biljay al Kubra,ʿzbt bljay alkbry,عزبة بلجاي الكبرى,‘Iz. Biljāy al-Kubra’,‘Izbat Biljāy al KubráEGDakahlia30.9784131.388980Africa/Cairopopulated place
12144843Qaryah Raqm ‘IshrūnQaryah Number Twenty,Qaryah Raqm `Ishrun,Qaryah Raqm ‘Ishrūn,قرية رقم عشرونEGBeheira30.8710729.943630Africa/Cairopopulated place
354495Kafr ash Shaykh ‘AlīKafr ash Shaykh `Ali,Kafr ash Shaykh ‘Alī,Kafr el-Sheikh `Ali,Kafr el-Sheikh ‘Ali,كفر الشيخ عليEGSharqia30.7989931.50460Africa/Cairopopulated place
415954‘Izbat Qāz̧dakhlī`Izbat Qazdakhli,`Izbat Qazidakhli,عزبة قاظدخلي,‘Izbat Qāzdakhlī,‘Izbat Qāz̧dakhlī,‘Izbat Qāz̧idakhlīEGBeheira31.0458630.597340Africa/Cairopopulated place
434256‘Izbat al ‘AshīrīEGFaiyum29.2365930.648960Africa/Cairopopulated place
12044148‘Izbat Abū Shalabī`Izbat Abu Shalabi,عزبة أبو شلبى,‘Izbat Abū ShalabīEGSharqia30.9444131.880560Africa/Cairopopulated place
354691Kafr al Fuqahā’Kafr al Fuqaha’,Kafr al Fuqahā’,Kafr el-Fuqaha’,Kafr el-Fuqahâ’,كفر الفقهاءEGQalyubia30.3186431.130030Africa/Cairopopulated place
355365‘Izbat al Qaşr al Abyaḑ`Ezbet el-Qasr el-Abyad,`Izbat al Qasr al Abyad,عزبة القصر الابيض,‘Ezbet el-Qaṣr el-Abyaḍ,‘Izbat al Qaşr al AbyaḑEGBeheira31.1816430.10020Africa/Cairopopulated place
361564Al AqālitahAl Aqalitah,Al Aqālitah,Al-Aqaltah,Al-Aqāltah,El `Aqalta,El ‘Aqālta,Lel Agalta,alaqaltt,الأقالتةEGLuxor25.6823832.614140Africa/Cairopopulated place
421293‘Izbat at Tawfīqīyah Ithnān`Izbat at Tawfiqiyah 2,`Izbat at Tawfiqiyah Ithnan,عزبة التوفيقية ٢,‘Izbat at Tawfīqīyah 2,‘Izbat at Tawfīqīyah IthnānEGDamietta31.3890631.688320Africa/Cairopopulated place
7759975Qaryah SittahAt Tarfayah,Aţ Ţarfāyah,Qaryah 6,Qaryah Sittah,altrfayt,qryt 6,الطرفاية,قرية 6,قرية ٦EGKafr el-Sheikh31.4019831.211320Africa/Cairopopulated place
361158Al ḨībahAl Hibah,Al Ḩībah,Al-Hibah,Al-Ḥībah,El Hiba,El Hibba,El Ḥîba,alhybt,الحيبةEGRed Sea28.7745630.923580Africa/Cairopopulated place
11054353GamasaEGDakahlia31.4411231.5367500Africa/Cairopopulated place
433137‘Izbat aş Şayyād`Izbat as Sayyad,عزبة الصياد,‘Izbat aş Şayyād,‘Izbat aṣ ṢayyadEGBeheira30.9842330.551870Africa/Cairopopulated place
433102Qaryat Aḩmad Ţal‘atQaryat Ahmad Tal`at,Qaryat Aḥmad Ṭal‘at,Qaryat Aḩmad Ţal‘at,قرية أحمد طلعتEGBeheira30.8137430.649770Africa/Cairopopulated place
420771‘Izbat Shindī`Iz. Shindi,`Izbat Shindi,ʿzbt shndy,عزبة شندي,‘Iz. Shindī,‘Izbat ShindīEGDakahlia30.9392631.386880Africa/Cairopopulated place
353946KarādīsKaradis,Kardis,Kardîs,Karādīs,kradys,كراديسEGSharqia30.6917531.41980Africa/Cairopopulated place
359219Banī Khālid al BaḩrīyahBani Khalid al Bahriyah,Banī Khālid al Baḩrīyah,Beni Khalid el Bahariya,Beni Khâlid el BaharîyaEGMinya28.6666730.750Africa/Cairopopulated place
433944Minshāt BakīrMinshat Bakir,Minshāt Bakīr,mnshat bkyr,منشأة بكيرEGMinya28.5003430.749650Africa/Cairopopulated place
359597Awlād SalāmahAulad Salama,Aulâd Salâma,Awlad Salamah,Awlad Salāmah,Awlād Salāmah,awlad slamt,أولاد سلامةEGKafr el-Sheikh31.5764531.050440Africa/Cairopopulated place
361443Al BalāmūnAl Balamun,Al Balāmūn,Al-Balamun,Al-Balāmūn,El-Balamun,El-Balâmûn,alblamwn,البلامونEGDakahlia30.8200831.436360Africa/Cairopopulated place
354832Kafr Abū ‘ĪdKafr Abu `Id,Kafr Abū ‘Īd,كفر أبو عيدEGSharqia30.6531131.539580Africa/Cairopopulated place
352877Manshīyat ‘AqlManshiyat `Aql,Manshiyet `Aql,Manshiyyat `Aql,Manshiyyat ‘Aql,Manshîyet ‘Aql,Manshīyat ‘Aql,منشية عقلEGKafr el-Sheikh31.2383530.896860Africa/Cairopopulated place
419807‘Izbat Sharaf ad Dīn`Izbat Sharaf ad Din,عزبة شرف الدين,‘Izbat Sharaf ad DīnEGKafr el-Sheikh31.3243331.173990Africa/Cairopopulated place
349066Shubrā BīlShubra Bil,Shubra Bîl,Shubrā Bīl,shbra byl,شبرا بيلEGGharbia30.7372631.075720Africa/Cairopopulated place
356930FarsīsFarsis,Farsîs,Farsīs,frsys,فرسيسEGGharbia30.6643431.234920Africa/Cairopopulated place
357061‘Ezbet ZeinabEGQalyubia30.3216731.153610Africa/Cairopopulated place
354198Kafr MajarKafr Magar,Kafr Majar,kfr mjr,كفر مجرEGKafr el-Sheikh31.0834730.711010Africa/Cairopopulated place
354667Kafr al ḨammādīyahKafr al Hammadiyah,Kafr al Ḩammādīyah,Kafr el-Hammadiya,Kafr el-Ḥammâdîya,kfr alhmadyt,كفر الحماديةEGMonufia30.6681731.10120Africa/Cairopopulated place
359604Awlād NuşayrAulad Nuseir,Aulâd Nûseir,Awlad Nusayr,Awlād Nuşayr,awlad nsyr,أولاد نصيرEGSohag26.5666731.666670Africa/Cairopopulated place
7779536‘Izbat al ‘Atāminah`Izbat al `Ataminah,عزبة العتامنة,‘Izbat al ‘AtāminahEGDakahlia30.9893431.652870Africa/Cairopopulated place
8067837‘Izbat as Subkī`Izbat as Subki,عزبة السبكي,‘Izbat as SubkīEGSharqia30.5649931.506610Africa/Cairopopulated place
433849‘Izbat Maz̧har ash Sharqīyah`Izbat Mazhar ash Sharqiyah,عزبة مظهر الشرقية,‘Izbat Maz̧har ash SharqīyahEGDakahlia30.8584231.55130Africa/Cairopopulated place
415794‘Izbat Sīdī Jāmi‘`Izbat Sidi Jami`,عزبة سيدي جامع,‘Izbat Sīdī Jāmi‘EGKafr el-Sheikh31.1584230.667760Africa/Cairopopulated place
358861BidsahBidsa,BidsahEGGiza29.6783331.254720Africa/Cairopopulated place
418997‘Izbat al Qawāsim`Izbat al Qawasim,`Izbat al-Qawasim,ʿzbt alqwasm,عزبة القواسم,‘Izbat al Qawāsim,‘Izbat al-QawāsimEGKafr el-Sheikh31.1936631.10560Africa/Cairopopulated place
357337‘Ezbet Girgis FâyîdEGKafr el-Sheikh31.2333331.116670Africa/Cairopopulated place
416229‘Izbat Nāyif ‘Imād`Izbat Nayif `Imad,عزبة نايف عماد,‘Izbat Nāyif ‘ImādEGKafr el-Sheikh31.2473430.800950Africa/Cairopopulated place
415154‘Izbat Bakr Ghunaym`Izbat Bakr Ghunaym,عزبة بكر غنيم,‘Izbat Bakr GhunaymEGBeheira31.1845930.468140Africa/Cairopopulated place
354962Jummayzat Banī ‘AmrūGimmeizet Beni `Amr,Gimmeizet Beni ‘Amr,Gimmerizet Beni `Amr,Gimmerizet Beni ‘Amr,Jummayzat Bani `Amr,Jummayzat Bani `Amru,Jummayzat Banī ‘Amr,Jummayzat Banī ‘Amrū,جميزة بني عمروEGDakahlia30.8009131.537930Africa/Cairopopulated place
351652Nag‘ el BusaEGQena26.0833332.30Africa/Cairopopulated place
415251‘Izbat al Kawm al Aḩmar`Izbat al Kawm al Ahmar,`Izbat al-Kawm al-Ahmar,عزبة الكوم الأحمر,‘Izbat al Kawm al Aḩmar,‘Izbat al-Kawm al-AḥmarEGMonufia30.6989730.896920Africa/Cairopopulated place
362064Abū Şīr DifinnūEGFaiyum29.2544630.807980Africa/Cairopopulated place
8138939‘Izbat Khalīl`Izbat Khalil,عزبة خليل,‘Izbat KhalīlEGMonufia30.2856831.005460Africa/Cairopopulated place
347203ŢunbārahTumbara,Tunbarah,tnbart,Ţunbārah,طنبارة,Ṭumbâra,ṬunbārahEGDakahlia30.9241631.428160Africa/Cairopopulated place
8715692‘Izbat Abū Shalabī`Izbat Abu Shalabi,ʿzbt abw shlby,عزبة أبو شلبي,‘Izbat Abū ShalabīEGBeheira31.0475430.536670Africa/Cairopopulated place
361504Al Awsaţ SamhūdAl Awsat Samhud,Al Awsaţ Samhūd,Al-Awsat Samhud,Al-Awsaṭ Samḥūd,El Ausat Samhud,El Ausaṭ Samhûd,Nag’ `Eid,Nag’ ‘Eid,alawst smhwd,الأوسط سمهودEGQena26.1733932.081910Africa/Cairopopulated place
434004Al ‘Izbah al BayḑāEGBeheira30.9448830.427780Africa/Cairopopulated place
351577Nag‘ el-ZarâyibEGQena26.1166732.10Africa/Cairopopulated place
352696MashālMashal,Mashâl,Mashāl,mshal,مشالEGGharbia30.9417330.856450Africa/Cairopopulated place
421348‘Izbat ‘Abduh Faraj`Izbat `Abduh Faraj,عزبة عبده فرج,‘Izbat ‘Abduh FarajEGDamietta31.351331.639710Africa/Cairopopulated place
352450Minsha’at ‘Abd AllahManshiyet Abdalla,Minsha’at `Abd Allah,Minshat `Abd Allah,Minshat `Abdalla,Minsha’at ‘Abd Allah,Minshât ‘Abdalla,Minshāt ‘Abd AllāhEGFaiyum29.3339430.841580Africa/Cairopopulated place
362887Abū al KhāwīAbu al Khawi,Abu el-Khaui,Abu el-Khawi,Abu el-Khâui,Abu el-Khâwi,Abū al Khāwī,abw alkhawy,أبو الخاويEGBeheira30.5941330.807120Africa/Cairopopulated place
415028‘Izbat Jazīrat al Faras`Izbat Jazirat al Faras,عزبة جزيرة الفرس,‘Izbat Jazīrat al FarasEGBeheira31.3395430.461390Africa/Cairopopulated place
420006‘Izbat al ‘Arab`Izbat al `Arab,عزبة العرب,‘Izbat al ‘ArabEGDakahlia31.2578131.29910Africa/Cairopopulated place
360788Al ManāshilahAl Manashilah,Al Manāshilah,El-Manashla,El-Manâshla,`Izbat al Manashlah,almnashlt,المناشلة,‘Izbat al ManāshlahEGBeheira31.0437730.637320Africa/Cairopopulated place
361366Al BurghūthīAl Burghuthi,Al Burghūthī,El Barghuti,El Barghuti el Bahari,El Barghuti el Qibli,El Barghûti,El Barghûti el Bahari,El Barghûti el QibliEGGiza29.4666731.216670Africa/Cairopopulated place
361407Al Bārūd ash SharqīAl Barud ash Sharqi,Al Bārūd ash Sharqī,El Barud el Sharqi,El Barûd el SharqiEGAsyut26.9333331.416670Africa/Cairopopulated place
351057Nazzat al MuḩazzimīnNazzat al Muhazzimin,Nazzat al Muḩazzimīn,Nazzat al-Mihazzimin,Nazzat al-Miḥazzimīn,Nazzet el Mihazzimin,nzt almhzmyn,نزة المحزمينEGSohag26.7107431.469950Africa/Cairopopulated place
11545535‘Izbat Zāyid al Jamāl`Izbat Zayid al Jamal,`Izbat Zayid al-Jammal,عزبة زايد الجمال,‘Izbat Zāyid al Jamāl,‘Izbat Zāyid al-JammālEGMonufia30.4481530.951310Africa/Cairopopulated place
352013‘Izbat ‘Ādil ‘Abd al ‘Āl`Ezbet Muhammad `Abd el-`Al,`Izbat `Adil `Abd al `Al,عزبة عادل عبد العال,‘Ezbet Muḥammad ‘Abd el-‘Âl,‘Izbat ‘Ādil ‘Abd al ‘ĀlEGKafr el-Sheikh31.2103130.652920Africa/Cairopopulated place

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  • Geoname_ID: This is a unique identifier for each place or geographical name in the Geoname database.
  • City: The name of the place, which can be a town, village or any other form of human settlement.
  • Alternate_Name: Other names or appellations that the place may have. These alternative names may be in different languages, dialects or even local names.
  • Country_Code: This is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country in which the place is located. For example, "US" for the United States, "FR" for France.
  • Region: This represents the first-order administrative division in which the location is situated. For example, this could be a state, province or territory.
  • Sub_region: This is a second-order administrative division, such as a county or district, within the region.
  • Latitude: The geographical latitude of the location, usually in decimal degrees.
  • Longitude: The geographical longitude of the location, also usually in decimal degrees.
  • Elevation: The elevation or altitude of the location in relation to sea level, usually measured in metres.
  • Population: The estimated number of inhabitants or population of the location.
  • Timezone: The time zone in which the location is located, in accordance with global time zone standards.
  • Fcode_Name: This is a code that categorises the type of location. For example, "PPL" could mean a populated place, while "PPLC" could be the capital of a political entity.
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