Liechtenstein cities list with latitude and longitude in CSV format


Last update : 26 May 2024.

Number of cities

This is the best list of 50 cities in the Liechtenstein available in 4 formats ( CSV, Json, SQL, XML ). We have cleaned up the Geoname database to leave only the towns, capitals and villages. All are all associated with regions and sub-regions (where available).

Each file contains the following data: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. See the FAQ below for a detailed explanation.

Here is an example of the data from the Liechtenstein file that you are going to retrieve. The data is displayed here in the form of a table:

10348589FromahusLITriesenberg47.132499.532820Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042049PlankenBlanken,Planken,puranken,Планкен,プランケンLIPlanken47.185169.54437377Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
6545409MalbunLITriesenberg47.101399.60986160050Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10352414Ober StällLIPlanken47.1779.546120Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042030VaduzBantouz,QVU,Vaduc,Vaducas,Vaduz,Vaduzo,fadoutsu,paducheu,vadutsi,wa dou zi,Βαντούζ,Вадуц,פאדוץ,ვადუცი,ፋዱጽ,ファドゥーツ,瓦都茲,파두츠LIVaduz47.141519.521545197Europe/Vaduzcapital of a political entity
3315349MälsMals,MälsLIBalzers47.061059.495680Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10353699FuraLITriesenberg47.104689.545520Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042035TriesenTriesen,Trizen,torizen,Тризен,トリーゼンLITriesen47.107529.528154701Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10366944AllmeinaLITriesenberg47.129989.538880Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10352413OberplankenLIPlanken47.178119.545850Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10347562LochLISchellenberg47.228539.534130Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10347570BreitaLIGamprin47.225999.516690Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10353264RiethofLISchaan47.192249.523470Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042068EschenEschen,esshen,エッシェンLIEschen47.210719.522234008Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
3042040SchaanwaldLIMauren47.211879.56240Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10366929FoppaLITriesenberg47.134859.543220Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10367031BergLIEschen47.223079.538710Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042037SchellenbergSchellenberg,sherenberuku,シェレンベルクLISchellenberg47.231239.546781004Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10366993AlpeltiLITriesenberg47.128029.558380Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
6545410StegLITriesenberg47.112669.57536140050Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10354590NeugrüttNeugrutt,NeugrüttLITriesen47.087829.523370Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10353681BödaLITriesenberg47.106189.543240Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10347565BetscheLIMauren47.227089.548140Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10352439HofLITriesenberg47.126659.546640Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042041SchaanSchaan,Schan,Shaan,shan,Шаан,شان,シャーンLISchaan47.164989.508675748Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
3042046RuggellRugell,Ruggell,Ruggell’,ruggeru,Руггелль,ルッゲルLIRuggell47.237999.52541862Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10347566LumsLIGamprin47.225419.526060Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042033TriesenbergTriesenberg,torizenberuku,トリーゼンベルクLITriesenberg47.118159.541972689Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10352426MitätschLITriesenberg47.125019.553270Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10366934Vorder PrufatschengLITriesenberg47.137749.539210Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042055MaurenMauern,Mauren,Mauren FL,mauren,マウレンLIMauren47.218059.54423626Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10352444EggaltiLITriesenberg47.124649.543490Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10354583Welda BongertWelda BongertLITriesen47.086329.527910Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10347583StudabergLIGamprin47.221799.508410Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042062GamprinGambrin,Gamprin,Gamprin-Bendern,ganpurin,Гамприн,ガンプリンLIGamprin47.220389.509351268Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10352545Bim StallLISchaan47.139819.600640Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3315358MöliholzMoliholz,Muhleholz,Möliholz,MühleholzLIVaduz47.155699.511110Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3315354SilumSilumLITriesenberg47.131839.553770Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10347571BadälLIGamprin47.229449.519060Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042073BalzersBalzers,baruzasu,バルザースLIBalzers47.066659.502514447Europe/Vaduzseat of a first-order administrative division
10353678RütiRuti,RütiLITriesenberg47.107999.544980Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10366936ErbiLITriesenberg47.138879.533630Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042072BendernLIGamprin47.211999.506780Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3315356MaseschaMaseschaLITriesenberg47.132719.544540Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3042052NendelnLIEschen47.198469.5430Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10352424GnalpLITriesenberg47.122869.553520Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3315353RotenbodenRotabodaLITriesenberg47.129729.538020Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
10366943BärgLITriesenberg47.139529.545570Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
3315351WangerbergWangerbarg,WangerbärgLITriesenberg47.105899.544630Europe/Vaduzpopulated place
7670251LavadinaLITriesenberg47.114599.5554510470Europe/Vaduzpopulated place

FaQ about Liechtenstein

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  • Geoname_ID: This is a unique identifier for each place or geographical name in the Geoname database.
  • City: The name of the place, which can be a town, village or any other form of human settlement.
  • Alternate_Name: Other names or appellations that the place may have. These alternative names may be in different languages, dialects or even local names.
  • Country_Code: This is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country in which the place is located. For example, "US" for the United States, "FR" for France.
  • Region: This represents the first-order administrative division in which the location is situated. For example, this could be a state, province or territory.
  • Sub_region: This is a second-order administrative division, such as a county or district, within the region.
  • Latitude: The geographical latitude of the location, usually in decimal degrees.
  • Longitude: The geographical longitude of the location, also usually in decimal degrees.
  • Elevation: The elevation or altitude of the location in relation to sea level, usually measured in metres.
  • Population: The estimated number of inhabitants or population of the location.
  • Timezone: The time zone in which the location is located, in accordance with global time zone standards.
  • Fcode_Name: This is a code that categorises the type of location. For example, "PPL" could mean a populated place, while "PPLC" could be the capital of a political entity.
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