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Last update : 26 May 2024.

Number of cities

This is the best list of 84894 cities in the Thailand available in 4 formats ( CSV, Json, SQL, XML ). We have cleaned up the Geoname database to leave only the towns, capitals and villages. All are all associated with regions and sub-regions (where available).

Each file contains the following data: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. See the FAQ below for a detailed explanation.

Here is an example of the data from the Thailand file that you are going to retrieve. The data is displayed here in the form of a table:

7918550Ban LaoBan Lao,ban hela,บ้านเหล่าTHSakon Nakhon17.08244104.055940Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7013491Ban Tue La Kho Ba TaBan Tue La Kho Ba Ta,ban tux lakh xbata,บ้านตือลาฆอบาต๊ะTHYala6.45222101.275530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1154817Ban Saen ToBan Saen Ta,Ban Saen To,Ban San To,Ban Sean Ta,Bān Sean Ta,ban sæn tx,บ้านแสนตอTHSukhothai17.4104299.748890Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7886939Ban Tin WatBan Tin Wat,ban tin wad,บ้านตีนวัดTHSongkhla7.341100.434140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8242391Ban Ko SutBan Ko Sut,ban keaa sud,บ้านเกาะสุดTHNakhon Si Thammarat7.99973100.241160Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9004221Ban Nong Waeng Nang BaoBan Nong Waeng Nang Bao,ban hnxng wæng nang bea,บ้านหนองแวงนางเบ้าTHKhon Kaen15.89597102.603530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1155800Ban Nong KhonBan Nong Khon,Ban Nong Khon (2),ban hnxng khxn,บ้านหนองขอนTHTrang7.3806499.758420Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8387006Ban Map PhaiBan Map Phai,ban mab phi,บ้านมาบไผ่THKamphaeng Phet16.2138699.891640Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7452752Ban Nai ThongBan Nai Thong,ban nay thxng,บ้านนายทองTHTak17.5797797.959080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602682Ban Khlong Huai NaBan Khlong Huai Na,ban khlxng hwy na,บ้านคลองห้วยนาTHPhetchabun16.14153100.872220Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8453918Muban Phrueksa KanMuban Phrueksa Kan,hmuban phvksʹa kay cn,หมู่บ้านพฤกษากาญจน์THKanchanaburi14.0526199.494580Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1603865Ban Dong DanBan Dong Dan,Ban Dong Tan,ban dng dal,บ้านดงดาลTHNong Khai18.22531103.246280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7622238Ban Noen SawanBan Noen Sawan,ban nein swrrkh,บ้านเนินสวรรค์THKanchanaburi14.758598.468390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8219086Ban Huai BonBan Huai Bon,ban hwy bxn,บ้านห้วยบอนTHLamphun18.3011198.927140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1158303Ban Bang Krak NaiBan Bang Klak Nai,Ban Bang Krak Nai,Ban Klat Nai,บ้านบางกรักในTHPhang Nga8.8642598.390670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8371979Ban RahatBan Rahat,ban rahad,บ้านระหัดTHChaiyaphum16.29486101.962390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1617787Ban Don Yai HomBan Don Yai Hom,Ban Khok Yai Hom (1),Kok Ya Hom,ban dxn yay hxm,บ้านดอนยายหอมTHNakhon Pathom13.72879100.07750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8208579Ban Khlong Chai ThongBan Khlong Chai Thong,ban khlxng chaythng,บ้านคลองชายธงTHPrachuap Khiri Khan11.9817599.831220Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1614764Ban Ok NakBan Ok Nak,ban xk hnak,บ้านอกหนักTHChanthaburi12.66506102.222530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1620477Ban BuaBan Bua,banbaw,บ้านบัวTHBuriram14.95033103.050640Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7618537Ban Fao RaiBan Fao Rai,ban fea ri,บ้านเฝ้าไร่THTak16.030598.888810Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1154260Ban Su-ngai Mu SoBan Su-ngai Mu So,Ban Thung Mu Cho,Ban Thung Muso,Ban Thung Musoh,ban su hi ngmu soa,บ้านสุไหงมูโซ๊ะTHSatun6.9576199.716280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8705367Ban Khwao NoiBan Khwao Noi,ban khwaw nxy,บ้านขวาวน้อยTHSurin15.05472103.537560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7677373Ban Nong Na SaengBan Nong Na Saeng,บ้านหนองนาแซงTHSakon Nakhon17.57183103.711780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1597882Ban Tha ChampaTH17.53333104.516670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1620959Ban AngBan Ang,ban xang,บ้านอ่างTHRayong12.65389101.620830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8535456Ban Tha Wang KhaenBan Tha Wang Khaen,ban tha wang khæn,บ้านท่าวังแคนTHLoei17.60099101.756610Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8229272Ban Rai YaiBan Rai Yai,บ้านไร่ใหญ่THTrang7.9236999.596530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9104039Ban Dong KhengBan Dong Kheng,ban dng kheng,บ้านดงเค็งTHNakhon Ratchasima14.95722101.492610Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8136175Ban Charoen SingBan Charoen Sing,ban ceriy singh,บ้านเจริญสิงห์THUttaradit17.793100.349140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8702563Ban Tawan Khum TaiBan Tawan Khum Tai,ban tawan khum tı,บ้านตะวันคุ้มใต้THSurin14.87225103.552720Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7466961Ban Khlong KruatBan Khlong Kruat,ban khlxng krwd,บ้านคลองกรวดTHSatun6.8555100.043530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1616031Ban NgongBan Ngong,ban ngong,บ้านโง้งTHSi Sa Ket15.28861104.212970Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7581088Ban Thi Ka PoeBan Thi Ka Poe,ban thi ka pex,บ้านทีกะเป่อTHTak16.5274798.688310Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8233464Ban Hin PhaoBan Hin Phao,ban hin phea,บ้านหินเภาTHChumphon10.7252598.974390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1599435Ban Non SimmaTH16.98333102.916670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1603883Ban Dong RabomTHChachoengsao13.73333101.50Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1616792Ban Sadao EnBan Mai Sadao,Ban Mai Sadao En,Ban Sadao En,ban sadea xen,บ้านสะเดาเอนTHNakhon Ratchasima15.07272102.260640Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8323586Ban Soi SipBan Soi Sip,ban sxy sib,บ้านซอยสิบTHSurat Thani8.9776199.384830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1598702Ban PunBan Pun,ban pun,บ้านปูนTHSi Sa Ket14.73392104.425220Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8203987Ban Nok ThungBan Nok Thung,ban nxk thung,บ้านนอกทุ่งTHPhatthalung7.60228100.155830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8565691Ban Yang Sam TonBan Yang Sam Ton,ban yang sam tn,บ้านยางสามต้นTHPhetchabun15.51706100.982060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8451047Ban Nong NuBan Nong Nu,ban hnxng hnu,บ้านหนองหนูTHPhichit16.39928100.374720Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8370211Ban Hin LatBan Hin Lat,ban hin lad,บ้านหินลาดTHChaiyaphum16.33867102.378360Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1618899Ban Huai SuBan Huai,Ban Huai Su,ban hwy su,บ้านห้วยสุTHUbon Ratchathani15.85825105.290640Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7420556Ban San ManaBan San Mana,ban san ma na,บ้านสันมะนะTHChiang Rai19.8592299.777830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8345444Ban Yang NueaBan Yang Nuea,ban yang henux,บ้านยางเหนือTHNakhon Sawan15.8915100.020060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7463135Ban Kue Leng TokBan Kue Leng Tok,ba nkux leng tk,บ้านกือเล็งตกTHNarathiwat6.40525101.546560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1117258Ban TunTHNakhon Si Thammarat8.0599.966670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8267892Ban Don MunBan Don Mun,ban dxn mul,บ้านดอนมูลTHLampang18.05699.248530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1155835Ban Nong Khai KaiBan Hnong Khie Kie,Ban Nong Khai KaiTHKanchanaburi14.5599.466670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8567295Ban Nong SamrongBan Nong Samrong,ban hnxng sarong,บ้านหนองสำโรงTHPhetchabun15.56364100.820280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1615698Ban Nong Hua TaekTHBuriram14.88333103.10Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8324566Ban Don FueangBan Don Fueang,ban dxn feuxng,บ้านดอนเฟืองTHSurat Thani9.5928399.165860Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8666080Ban Pho SuwanBan Pho Suwan,banphothi su wrrn,บ้านโพธิ์สุวรรณ์THSuphanburi14.70299.992940Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7749277Ban Bo KhamBan Bo Kham,ban bx kha,บ้านบ่อคำTHUdon Thani17.41383103.025610Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8534515Ban Khlong Pak Bo YaiBan Khlong Pak Bo Yai,ban khlxng pakbx hıy,บ้านคลองปากบ่อใหญ่THSamut Sakhon13.56108100.195030Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602765Ban KhanunBan Khanun,ban khnun,บ้านขนุนTHSurin14.65347103.974780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8564852Ban Khok MonBan Khok Mon,ban khok mn,บ้านโคกมนTHPhetchabun16.67008101.32250Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1157003Ban Khok KhaeTHKrabi8.2599.266670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7463476Ban Pa TiBan Pa Ti,ban pati,บ้านปาตีTHNarathiwat6.381101.515690Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7099797Ban Khlong ChorakheBan Khlong Chorakhe,ban khlxng crakhe,บ้านคลองจระเข้THSamut Prakan13.68125100.8030Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7788960Ban San PhatthanaBan San Phatthana,บ้านสันพัฒนาTHChiang Mai18.5207898.433440Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1611641Ban Sam WaengBan Sam Waeng,Ban Samraeng,Bau Sam Waeng,ban sam wæng,บ้านสามแวงTHBuriram15.01285103.200060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1616280Ban Nam Mi NoiBan Nam Mi,Ban Nam Mi Noi,Nam Mi,ban na hmi nxy,บ้านน้ำหมีน้อยTHUttaradit17.55372100.450060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7876523Ban Na SilaBan Na Sila,banna sila,บ้านนาศิลาTHSi Sa Ket14.54183104.206390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1612068Ban Krok Yai ChaBan Krok Yai Cha,Ban Trok Yai Cha,ban krxk yay cha,บ้านกรอกยายชาTHRayong12.67778101.199720Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7784394Ban SahakonBan Sahakon,ban shkrn,บ้านสหกรณ์THChiang Mai19.4407598.949140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7096088Ban Khlong RangBan Khlong Rang,ban khlxng h rang,บ้านคลองหรังTHSongkhla6.94881100.581950Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1599497Ban Non PhoBan Non Pho,ban non phothi,บ้านโนนโพธิ์THSurin15.22767103.448860Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8397429Ban I ToengBan I Toeng,ban xi teing,บ้านอีเติ่งTHUthai Thani15.42669100.056890Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
6866412Muban Bua ThongMuban Bua Thong,hmuban baw thxng,หมู่บ้านบัวทองTHNonthaburi13.89728100.38550Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8242270Ban Na PhruBan Na Phru,banna phru,บ้านนาพรุTHNakhon Si Thammarat8.28883100.111440Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602920Ban KhamBan Kham,ban kham,บ้านขามTHSakon Nakhon17.37758103.328330Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8326385Ban Si Chai KhramBan Si Chai Khram,ban sri chiy khram,บ้านศรีไชยครามTHSurat Thani9.1925399.6390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7508130Ban Hua TakheBan Hua Takhe,ban haw takhe,บ้านหัวตะเข้THSamut Sakhon13.55672100.157110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8733526Ban Tha Sa-atBan Tha Sa-at,ban tha saxad,บ้านท่าสะอาดTHMaha Sarakham15.99564103.415970Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1941290Ban Ai Cha BaeBan Ai Cha Bae,Ban Al Cha Bae,บ้านไอร์จาแบTHNarathiwat6.29147101.438390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8703982Ban SakiaBan Sakia,ban sa keiy,บ้านสะเกียTHSurin14.57356103.602080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602396Ban Nong WaengBan Khok Nong Waeng,Ban Nong Waeng,บ้านหนองแวงTHNong Khai17.93343102.584670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8760430Ban Wang CharoenBan Wang Charoen,ban wang ceriy,บ้านวังเจริญTHSa Kaeo13.53878102.161920Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7879126Ban SamrongBan Samrong,ban sarong,บ้านสำโรงTHSi Sa Ket14.59906104.719610Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7882362Ban Plaeng NguBan Plaeng Ngu,บ้านแปลงงูTHPattani6.69333101.205890Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1154846Ban San Pa BongTHChiang Mai19.8599.216670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8704447Ban Don Ma NaiBan Don Ma Nai,ban dxn hmanı,บ้านดอนหมาในTHSurin14.99367103.759280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1601952Ban Krok WaTH14.63333102.116670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7013302Ban Li ChingBan Li Ching,ban li cing,บ้านลิจิงTHYala6.25336101.343030Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7735570Ban Wang SilaBan Wang Sila,ban wang sila,บ้านวังศิลาTHRayong12.75611101.615560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8536333Ban Kampong Kue YaeBan Kampong Kue Yae,ban ka pngkuxyæ,บ้านกำปงกือแยTHYala6.51103101.352780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9285643Ban Si PhumBan Si Phum,ban sri phumi,บ้านศรีภูมิTHBuriram14.80517102.653080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8317761Ban Amnuai PhonBan Amnuai Phon,ban xanwyphl,บ้านอำนวยผลTHUbon Ratchathani15.82098105.249410Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1598249Ban SawangBan Sawang,ban swang,บ้านสว่างTHUbon Ratchathani15.30261105.107110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8536899Ban Khuan Hin Lek FaiBan Khuan Hin Lek Fai,ban khwn hinhelkfi,บ้านควนหินเหล็กไฟTHSongkhla7.16014100.27720Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1615782Ban Nong Chik NueaBan Hnong Chik,Ban Nong Chik (1),Ban Nong Chik Nuea,ban hnxngcik henux,บ้านหนองจิกเหนือTHSaraburi14.43642100.855280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7382952Ban Lai ThungBan Lai Thung,ban hlay thung,บ้านหลายทุ่งTHNan19.52553100.915560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9001396Ban Nong Nam ThaengBan Nong Nam Thaeng,ban hnxng hnam thæng,บ้านหนองหนามแท่งTHKhon Kaen16.68981102.030670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7747496Ban Khruea Wai DinBan Khruea Wai Din,ban kherux hway din,บ้านเครือหวายดินTHUdon Thani17.26975102.824310Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
6790766Ban Ma NgonBan Ma Ngon,ban ma ngxn,บ้านม้างอนTHSongkhla7.01814100.7110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8218775Ban Ton Phueng Lai LiBan Ton Phueng Lai Li,ban tn phung hlay li,บ้านต้นผึ้งหลายลี้THLamphun18.4048698.722580Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1158360Ban Ba Kan YaiBan Ba Kan Yai,Ban Bagan Yai,Ban Pakan Yai,บ้านบากันใหญ่THSatun6.7139299.843560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place

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  • Geoname_ID: This is a unique identifier for each place or geographical name in the Geoname database.
  • City: The name of the place, which can be a town, village or any other form of human settlement.
  • Alternate_Name: Other names or appellations that the place may have. These alternative names may be in different languages, dialects or even local names.
  • Country_Code: This is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country in which the place is located. For example, "US" for the United States, "FR" for France.
  • Region: This represents the first-order administrative division in which the location is situated. For example, this could be a state, province or territory.
  • Sub_region: This is a second-order administrative division, such as a county or district, within the region.
  • Latitude: The geographical latitude of the location, usually in decimal degrees.
  • Longitude: The geographical longitude of the location, also usually in decimal degrees.
  • Elevation: The elevation or altitude of the location in relation to sea level, usually measured in metres.
  • Population: The estimated number of inhabitants or population of the location.
  • Timezone: The time zone in which the location is located, in accordance with global time zone standards.
  • Fcode_Name: This is a code that categorises the type of location. For example, "PPL" could mean a populated place, while "PPLC" could be the capital of a political entity.
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