Seychelles cities list with latitude and longitude in CSV format


Last update : 26 May 2024.

Number of cities

This is the best list of 40 cities in the Seychelles available in 4 formats ( CSV, Json, SQL, XML ). We have cleaned up the Geoname database to leave only the towns, capitals and villages. All are all associated with regions and sub-regions (where available).

Each file contains the following data: Geoname_ID, City, Alternate_Name, Country_Code, Region, Sub_region, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Population, Timezone, Fcode_Name. See the FAQ below for a detailed explanation.

Here is an example of the data from the Seychelles file that you are going to retrieve. The data is displayed here in the form of a table:

11694888Cap SamySCBaie Sainte Anne-4.3303655.76008230Indian/Mahepopulated place
241276MachabeeSCGlacis-4.5652355.44570Indian/Mahepopulated place
241442Anse Volbert VillageSCBaie Sainte Anne-4.3166755.733330Indian/Mahepopulated place
241357De Quincey VillageDe Quincey Village,De Quincy VillageSCAnse Etoile-4.602655.456920Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694896Roche CaïmanSCRoche Caiman-4.640155.468790Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694892Saint AnneSCLes Mamelles-4.6136255.496660Indian/Mahepopulated place
11822653North IslandSCOuter Islands-4.3934255.244070Indian/Mahepopulated place
241257MisereLa Misere,MisereSCGrand Anse Mahe-4.6666755.466670Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694893South PointSCMont Fleuri-4.6393755.503440Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694884La GougeSCAnse Etoile-4.5909355.44620Indian/Mahepopulated place
6691844Anse KerlanSCGrand Anse Praslin-4.3052455.68450Indian/Mahepopulated place
10629843Silhouette IslandSilhouetteSCOuter Islands-4.4859955.252620Indian/Mahepopulated place
241303La RéunionSCLa Digue-4.3554455.835270Indian/Mahepopulated place
241448Anse BoileauSCAnse Boileau-4.7166755.483334183Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11103219La PasseSCLa Digue-4.3480855.832690Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11257135Pointe La RueSC-4.680855.521080Indian/Mahepopulated place
10793745Baie LazareSCBaie Lazare-4.7497155.47540Indian/Mahepopulated place
241131VictoriaBiktoria,Fiktoria,Mahe,Mahé,Port Victoria,Victoria,Victoria pa Seychellane,Victoria på Seychellane,Victòria,Viktori,Viktoria,Viktorii,Viktorija,Viktorio,Viktoriya,Viktorya,Viktoryja,Wiktoria,bigtolia,fyktwrya,vhiktoriya,vikatori’a,viktoriya,vuikutoria,wei duo li ya,wiktxreiy,wyktwrya,wyqtwryh,Βικτόρια,Βικτώρια,Виктори,Виктория,Викторија,Вікторыя,Вікторія,Վիկտորիա,ויקטוריה,فيكتوريا,وکٹوریا,وکٹوریہ,ویکتوریا,ڤیکتۆریا، سیشێل,व्हिक्टोरिया,ਵਿਕਟੋਰੀਆ,விக்டோரியா,วิกตอเรีย,ཝིག་ཐོ་རི་ཡ།,ვიქტორია,ቪክቶሪያ፥ ሲሸልስ,ヴィクトリア,維多利亞,维多利亚,빅토리아SCEnglish River-4.6200155.4550122881Indian/Mahecapital of a political entity
11003008Pointe Au SelSCAu Cap-4.7283455.524160Indian/Mahepopulated place
241423Bel OmbreBel Ombre,Belle OmbreSCBel Ombre-4.6166755.416674163Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11395546Vista do MarSCGlacis-4.5757855.43680Indian/Mahepopulated place
241287L’EspéranceSCAnse Boileau-4.7166755.483330Indian/Mahepopulated place
11184853Ile au CerfSCMont Fleuri-4.6310855.492780Indian/Mahepopulated place
8693252Eden IslandSCMont Fleuri-4.6387555.476790Indian/Mahepopulated place
10793687Anse des GenetsSCPointe Larue-4.6732355.51310Indian/Mahepopulated place
10792304Anse aux PinsSCAnse-aux-Pins-4.703455.520550Indian/Mahepopulated place
241214Port GlaudSCPort Glaud-4.6625655.418412174Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11694894FairviewSCPlaisance-4.6587755.464310Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694887Anse LazioSCBaie Sainte Anne-4.2958355.70249210Indian/Mahepopulated place
241395CascadeSCCascade-4.6691555.499524088Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11694889Bel AirSCBel Air-4.6294755.4454745Indian/Mahepopulated place
241150TakamakaSCTakamaka-4.7666755.52580Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
6691843Cote d’OrSCBaie Sainte Anne-4.3199755.753380Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694895Saint LouisSCSaint Louis-4.6245755.4444186Indian/Mahepopulated place
241427Beau VallonBeau VallonSCBeau Vallon-4.6209155.430154142Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
8629285Grand AnseSCGrand Anse Praslin-4.3310955.722060Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694891Mont BuxtonSCMont Buxton-4.6163855.4482176Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694885Maldive VillageSCAnse Etoile-4.5909355.4522515Indian/Mahepopulated place
10860737Quatre BornesSCTakamaka-4.7787355.510120Indian/Mahepopulated place
241443Anse RoyaleAnse Royal,Anse RoyaleSCAnse Royale-4.7333355.516673818Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division

FaQ about Seychelles

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  • Geoname_ID: This is a unique identifier for each place or geographical name in the Geoname database.
  • City: The name of the place, which can be a town, village or any other form of human settlement.
  • Alternate_Name: Other names or appellations that the place may have. These alternative names may be in different languages, dialects or even local names.
  • Country_Code: This is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the country in which the place is located. For example, "US" for the United States, "FR" for France.
  • Region: This represents the first-order administrative division in which the location is situated. For example, this could be a state, province or territory.
  • Sub_region: This is a second-order administrative division, such as a county or district, within the region.
  • Latitude: The geographical latitude of the location, usually in decimal degrees.
  • Longitude: The geographical longitude of the location, also usually in decimal degrees.
  • Elevation: The elevation or altitude of the location in relation to sea level, usually measured in metres.
  • Population: The estimated number of inhabitants or population of the location.
  • Timezone: The time zone in which the location is located, in accordance with global time zone standards.
  • Fcode_Name: This is a code that categorises the type of location. For example, "PPL" could mean a populated place, while "PPLC" could be the capital of a political entity.
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